Is It Wrong to Say ‘Sorry’?

Being a Canadian, I am more than familiar with the term ‘sorry’. It seems to be a global stereotype that Canadians make excessive use of sorry, and while I do not personally believe apologizing is a negative thing, apologizing too much or when unnecessary can be detrimental to the way in which individuals perceive you as a person.

I read an article several months ago that discussed the implications of being too apologetic. It may sound strange that being an overly apologetic person can be consequential to an individual’s personality, but when I analyzed such theory in a deeper and more focused perspective, I was able to comprehend how it could be dangerous.

By no means am I suggesting to refrain from apologizing entirely, because if you are blatantly at fault for something, it is likely necessary to say sorry and make amends for whatever wrong you may have engaged in. However, when you are overly apologetic and begin to use ‘sorry’ in circumstances in which it fails to be necessary, the way in which people perceive you can potentially become tainted. Frequent apologizing when unnecessary often serves as an indication of self-doubt or a lack of personal confidence, and when persons acknowledge this, they make begin to take advantage of your introverted personality. It is unfortunate that an individual may be interpreted as weak or unsure when they frequently apologize, but I do recognize the logic behind such interpretation. Be sure to apologize when you are at fault or in the wrong, but try to abstain from apologizing when you do not feel it is truly necessary or when you are using it as a means to reassure yourself with an uncomfortable situation.

To quote Justin Bieber, “is it too late to say sorry?” Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Be conscious of a situation and in doing so determine whether or not your apology is required.

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