Bullying and Its Severe Consequences

It is extremely disheartening to acknowledge fact that bullying is still such a prevalent force in society today. Despite considerable resources being developed for those impacted by bullying, it is still a dominant factor in relationships amongst individuals of numerous ages, and its consequences can be incredibly detrimental.

I learned yesterday that a nine year old boy from Hamilton committed suicide as a result of being bullied. Yes, you read that correctly – this particular victim of bullying was a mere nine years of age, and he took his own life as a means to end his harassment. Aside from this incidence being alarming and disturbing, it is furthermore heartbreaking that children are being so greatly impacted by bullying that they turn to suicide as a way to abolish their unhappiness. I cannot begin to fathom the pain the parents of this boy are experiencing, or their confusion as to why bullying still occurs to such a severe degree amongst children. I question what other precautions to prevent bullying can be established, seeing as there are more in existence now than ever before, but it is apparent that something further must be done to ensure situations such as these do not continue to happen.

Bullying affects persons of all ages, and it occurs in almost all circumstances. Whether it be within a family, a friendship, an intimate relationship or amongst strangers, bullying has the ability to exist anywhere and to damage any person. Its consequences can be fatal and can cause significant emotional and/or physical trauma to linger amongst victims.

I struggle to comprehend how a person can achieve satisfaction through means of putting another individual down, but it is arguable that some persons do. While I do not think the presence of bullying will ever be entirely eradicated, it is my hope that more resources for victims can be composed to prevent excessive damage and tragedy.

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