The Importance of Supporting Canadian Resources

I am currently enrolled in an English course at Brock titled ‘Modern Canadian Literature’. Being completely honest, such course was not one of my preferences when it came time to select my courses for my final year earlier on in the summer. However, it is essentially impossible to snag a spot in each and every course you wish to take in university, so I enrolled in Modern Canadian Literature because it fit my schedule and my preferred courses were already filled to maximum capacity.

I was unsure of what to expect for this course, so when I had my first lecture last week, I was feeling a little anxious. For an introductory exercise to begin the class, each student was asked to name a piece of Canadian literature they have read, or a Canadian author they are familiar with. A majority of the class was unable to name both Canadian literature and Canadian authors, apart from Robert Munsch, and it was this exercise that allowed me to acknowledge the importance of being familiar with Canadian resources and furthermore supporting them.

When you consider Canada in a broad spectrum, it is easy to recognize that we as a country inevitably support a lot of resources that originate in America. Perhaps this is a result of minimal resources being produced in Canada, or perhaps it is a result of laziness and simply settling for accessible resources that typically comes from the US. However, it is not difficult to comprehend the importance of supporting local economy, yet I would argue that despite being aware of such importance, Canadians tend to support the American economy without exploring as to whether or not the resources we seek are available in our own country. The exercise conducted in my Canadian Literature class was so simple yet so eye-opening, and it encouraged me to come to the realization that more needs to be done in regards to supporting and generating resources of the Canadian economy.

Challenge yourself and see if you are able to distinguish resources that are produced and manufactured in Canada as opposed to in the United States. It may require more effort, but the outcome will certainly benefit our country.

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