Product Review: Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner

Although I recently dedicated a post to the OGX Gravity Defying and Hydration shampoo and conditioner and claimed it was my new go-to hair washing routine, when I see a great sale on shampoo and conditioner I have yet to experiment with it is probable that I will want to try it out. Prior to school beginning I purchased the Dove Regenerative Nourishment shampoo and conditioner from the Dove Advanced Care Series of products as it was on sale. I needed hair products to bring with me to school, and giving Dove the benefit of the doubt I decided to sample this particular product line and see if it was worth doing so.

Dove products are affordable, and considering this shampoo and conditioner were on sale at the time of purchase they were a great bargain. This particular version of Dove shampoo and conditioner contains  red algae extract in addition to a Keratin nutricomplex, and claims it will reverse damaged hair by penetrating the hair shaft and encouraging repair from within. Obviously this sounds rather promising, so I was looking forward to washing my hair and revealing transformed and lucious locks.

Spoiler alert: this did not happen.

The products themselves have a pleasant scent, and the shampoo lathers up generously so not much product is required for use. The conditioner is quite thick in consistency but washes out easily, and while my hair was still wet it felt super soft and silky. However, after my hair had dried I was unable to detect any so called ‘reversed damage’ and my hair appeared rather untouched by this supposed miracle system. Furthermore, I found that by the next day my hair looked and felt greasy, meaning the product sits quite heavily on the scalp.

Overall, I would not recommend purchasing this particular product line from Dove. The brand contains many other shampoos and conditioners that have worked far better for me than this particular shampoo and conditioner I recently purchased, and I would suggest trying them before their advanced series line.

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