Emma Watson: A Modern Wonderwoman

Emma Watson is an all-around incredible woman. She is arguably most highly recognized for her role in the Harry Potter films as Hermonie Granger, but apart from being an accomplished actress, she is also a model and furthermore a humanitarian and an activist for human rights.

Emma Watson identifies as British, though she was actually born in France. In May of 2014, she completed a degree in English Literature and graduated from Brown University. In regards to modelling, she has been affiliated with Burberry and Lancôme, and she also created a clothing line as a fashion consultant for People Tree.

2014 was a significant year for Watson. Aside from graduating from university, she was granted the title of a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, and in doing so aided in the launch of the United Nations Women campaign titled HeForShe, which calls for male assistance to advocate gender equality.

I believe it is worth acknowledging that Watson has accomplished a multitude of achievements, and she is a mere twenty-six years of age. I find it so refreshing to see a young woman in Hollywood using her public platform as more than a means to promote films, and instead to advocate for global issues and conflicts that she personally involves herself with. I furthermore highly commend Watson for choosing to possess a university education despite her success as a young actress in Hollywood.

Watson has travelled to Uruguay, Bangladesh and Zambia to promote her work with the HeForShe Campaign, and in doing so has certainly generated an awareness of the need for males to speak out against gender inequality. She has stated that she has received threats for her work with the UN, but it is apparent that she is choosing to look past such harassment and instead continue to advocate for an essential cause prevalent across the globe today.

I think it is safe to say Emma Watson is a modern day Wonderwoman, and it is my hope that more individuals active in a Hollywood will follow her lead.



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