Unwanted Attention

Earlier today I was at an event where I experience unwanted attention from a male. I have encountered this particular individual at several events that involve a common interest him and I are both involved with, and each time I see him I receive the same unwanted attention.

I wanted to write a post that addresses the conflict women face when they encounter undesired flirtation from a male. It can be very difficult to determine how to handle the situation at hand considering there are numerous outcomes that can arise depending on the way in which the situation is handled. If a woman is firm with a male in telling him she does not wish to be objectified by him, she is deemed a bitch. If a woman is lackadaisical and accepting of unwanted attention from a male because she fear what may occur if she denies him, she is deemed a slut. It is apparent that women face consequences regardless of how they handle the circumstance, and I find it deeply troublesome that women seemingly fail to have access to a designated solution to this widespread issue.

I furthermore find it troublesome that some women feel forced to endure unwanted sexual attention because they fear what may occur if they deny such attention. They fear they may be injured or threatened by the perpetrator, and therefore reluctantly tolerate their objectification in order to protect themselves.

I feel as though there needs to be more advocacy and information generated about this issue in order to communicate the message that sexual harassment is not okay. No woman should feel forced to allow herself to be objectified as a result of fear, nor should any woman encounter violence or threats for voicing their opinions. Society needs to become less tolerant of this issue in order for any progress to be made.

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