The Norfolk County Fair

Thanksgiving weekend marks not only familial celebrations and hearty dinners, but furthermore the duration of The Norfolk County Fair. The fair typically begins on the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving weekend and concludes the following Monday.

My family and I have attended this fair since my sister and I were toddlers. It has become a tradition for our family to visit this particular fair annually, and I can quite honestly say that Thanksgiving simply would not be the same if we did not go to the Norfolk fair. This fair has even further meaning now that my sister and I are older, considering my sister volunteers in the Ontario Ginseng information booth and my dad enters in the top alcohol mini tractor pull.

The fair has a terrific midway with a variety of rides, two large buildings filled with diverse vendors and businesses, delicious food, a horse show, tractor and truck pulls and live concerts. The headlining artist for this year’s fair was country singer Dallas Smith, which is quite a reputable individual to representing the music portion of the fair for 2016.

I think what I enjoy the most about the fair is the overall atmosphere. Everyone who attends is brimming with anticipation and excitement for the day’s events, and it is arguable that such excitement and anticipation is contagious.

Being down in the pits with my father for the tractor pull is also thoroughly enjoyable. It is a great opportunity to interact with fellow drivers and to familiarize myself with the pulling tractor community.

I hope to continue attending The Norfolk County Fair for many years, and I hope to continue attending with my family. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving, and seeing as it is the only fair my family and I attend all year, we certainly make the most of it.

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