Clinique 3-Step Acne Regime

Yes, I know. Another post addressing the topic of acne. I apologize if pimples are becoming a redundant theme here on my blog, but as you know I am always attempting to discover a product that aids in depleting the blemishes on my face.

Approximately two years ago I purchased the Clinique 3-Stop Acne Program in hopes of reducing the severity of my acne. When I first began to use the products, I was thrilled because my pimples were diminishing quickly. However, after using the regime for about a month, my skin had started to resemble a reptile, and it was so dry I had to stop using the products. Keep in mind I have overly oily skin, so I was shocked how severely dry my skin had become.

About two months ago I was in Sephora and I spotted the same Clinique system for sale. I asked a Sephora employee if there was a way I would be able to use the line again without sucking the life from my skin, and she suggested that I use the products alongside the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I told her I was concerned that I would damage my skin again by making use of this product a second time, but she assured me that incorporating the moisturizer into my routine would prevent such crisis form occurring. So, I purchased the regime once again and started to use it, but this time with the moisturizer. My skin has become slightly more dry again from using this system, but it is definitely not excessively dry nor is it as bad at the first time I experimented with this line.

The system itself includes a foaming cleansing wash, a clarifying toner and an all-over ‘moisturizer’ which is not a moisturizer at all and is likely what dried my skin out so badly when I first made use of it. However, using the system with the Clinique moisturizer has made a tremendous difference, and while my skin is not free of acne after using this line for about two months now, it is looking slightly better than before.

If you’re curious about this acne system form Clinique, feel free to send me an email to ask me some questions!

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