Clown Pranks

As of late, a lot of media coverage has been addressing a recent fad which involves persons dressing up as clowns in order to terrorize small children. This trend originated in the states, and was by no means intended to resemble a prank – individuals in the states were dressing in clown costumes and attempting to lure small children with them into unknown areas, such as woods and forests. It is arguable that the persons in these particular circumstances had the intent to abduct the children that complied with their request to follow them into isolated areas, and such realization is deeply alarming. However, these attempted abductions have encouraged persons all over North America to don clown costumes, but instead of doing so to abduct young children, persons are doing so in hopes to carry out an inappropriate and unnecessary prank.

Clown ‘sightings’ have been occurring more recently in Ontario, with some examples being Toronto, London and Hamilton. From my understanding, none of the persons wearing the clown costumes in these specific scenarios were attempting to kidnap children, however it is apparent that a line has been crossed and that this trend fails to be humorous whatsoever. Halloween is quickly approaching, and because of these recent clown ‘sightings’ parents and guardians are likely to be on high alert when allowing their children to go trick-or-treating. I think it is deeply disturbing that individuals are choosing to wear these clown costumes and scare small children being fully aware of what their costume symbolizes in a wider spectrum – keep in mind this fad originated because of attempted child abductions.

It is truly disheartening that a celebration such as Halloween has become so dangerous and furthermore concerning for parents with small children. It is my hope that this immature and inconsiderate prank will cease to exist, and that Halloween can regain its proper recognition.

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