Political Brainwashing

Last week I was watching the evening news with my parents. Naturally, almost any and all current news is associated with the presidential debate/campaign, and the topic of this particular segment of news addressed the leaked audio footage of Donald Trump conversing with another individual. This conversation between Trump and one other person was incredibly degrading and sexist towards women considering Trump was noted stating that he could be with any woman he desired because of his supposed fame, and furthermore how he would “grab a woman by the pussy”.

The news segment we were viewing consisted of a live discussion between several broadcasting persons and their opinions of this leaked footage. Most individuals on the news segment were appalled by what Trump proclaimed, however there was one young woman involved with the conversation that was actually attempting to defend Trump and his remarks. She argued that he could have said worse, and even went so far as to say that his intentions were not carried out physically, meaning his words should not be considered so crass.

I was astounded that this female individual was able to express her support of Donald Trump, despite his ridiculously crude words, on live television and failed to acknowledge how hypocritical her support was. Yes, all persons are entitled to their own opinion, however witnessing a young woman concur with Trump’s sexist attitude was deeply alarming and concerning. Is this mindset perhaps why Trump is excelling so greatly amongst Americans in the presidential debate? I believe it is arguable that Trump’s excessive focus on racial statements issued towards the Middle East and Mexico is perhaps distracting persons from recognizing his misogynist opinions, and I would go so far to state that his violent approach to politics is brainwashing civilians into thinking he will make a good president for America.

I believe if Trump is elected, any progress women have made in regards to their rights and gender equality will either be reversed or discarded.

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