Unfortunately, it seems as though disappointment is an inevitable occurrence in the lives of many. Disappointment can exist in numerous forms, and regardless of what form it exists in, it has the ability to entirely diminish one’s sense of self-confidence.

Recently, I have been encountering disappointment in regards to academia. I recently wrote a paper which I believed I would achieve a high mark considering I worked hard on such paper and ensured my arguments were strong. However, I had the paper returned to me with a mark of 60%, and it is extremely discouraging to come to the realization that despite dedicating time and effort to something, it may not always pay off.

The thing about disappointment is that it can be incredibly manipulative and persuasive. It feels as though disappointment has the ability to hinder an individual’s entire reasoning to persevere and push forward, however it is crucial to acknowledge that one poor mark on an assignment or one negative circumstance does not possess the ability to dictate the outcomes of other things in life.

The assignment I received a 60% on was worth 5% of my final grade, so despite being discouraged about this mark, I tried to remind myself that there are and will be other assignment that have a much greater academic value. Sure enough, one day after getting this paper back, I was returned a paper in another class worth 20%, and I achieved a mark of 78%.

I suppose what I am attempting to communicate is that one disappointing or negative outcome will not eradicate the possibility of other positive or encouraging outcomes. Disappointment is highly temporary, regardless if it does not seem as though it is at a given moment in time. Life is full of ups and downs, and disappointment is what allows us to whoever better and greater results in a differing circumstance.

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