My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years now. While our chemistry is not necessarily as passionate and exciting as it was when we first began dating, I still love him dearly and I understand that over time the passion you and your partner have for one another inevitably begins to diminish.

I was conversing with a close friend of mine a couple of days ago, and she is also in a long-term relationship. She was explaining to me that while she is certainly still happy with her boyfriend and loves him, she too has noticed that their chemistry has faltered slightly.

I feel as though it is essential for any person in a relationship to acknowledge that a change in the feelings you have for your partner is entirely normal, and furthermore expected. I would argue that persons in long-term relationships often panic when they recognize that the amount of passion in their relationship has faded slightly, and that the spark that was so prominent at the beginning of the relationship has faltered. Again, I personally believe this discovery is absolutely normal, and while I do not consider myself to be a relationship expert by any means, I think most persons in long-term relationships would be in agreement with my argument.

The main thing to understand about a relationship is that there will undoubtedly be highs and lows, and I think a relationship that does not consist of such highs and lows is not necessarily healthy. It is the lows, and coming through them, that allow your bond with your partner to strengthen, and having consistent highs in a relationship makes the lows seem far more severe and difficult.

Blaine and I have certainly had our share of disagreements and fights, but unless negativity in a relationship is becoming toxic or dangerous to yourself or your partner, I do not believe giving up is the solution. Relationships require effort, commitment and dedication, and are intended to challenge and strengthen both individuals involved.

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