Small Acts of Kindness

As obvious as it may seem, small acts of kindness have the potential to entirely transform an individuals mood or attitude on a given day. I believe small acts of kindness possess as much potential for altering a persons mood as large acts of kindness, and while both forms of generosity and benevolence are equally important, it is arguable that small acts kindness are easier to perform and often times have a larger impact than one may believe.

For example, this past week my mom and dad attended the funeral and visitation for one of my moms cousins. Her cousin died suddenly and was a mere fifty-five years of age, and understandably my mom was feeling rather sullen about the unprecedented circumstance. My sister, who lives at home while I am away at school throughout the duration of the week, informed me that our mom was in need of a pick-me-up, so I started to think about a small act of kindness I could engage in that would lift her spirits. I stumbled upon a bakery in St. Catharines this past week while at school, and because my mother has a prominent sweet tooth, I stopped by the bakery and picked up some things for my mom and the rest of my family. When I came home and surprised my mom with my bakery purchase, she was delighted and it was evident that such a small contribution from myself truly enhanced her overall mood.

Small acts of kindness are intended to be exactly as they sound – small. Gong to a bakery and picking up some items for my mom certainly did not require a lot of effort on my behalf, but it was the thought that really resonated deeply with her. Small acts of kindness are often overlooked and forgotten in the everyday hustle and bustle of contemporary society, but I guarantee if you devote the time to comprehend what you could do to better someones else’ day, you will be surprised as the simplicity of the outcome.

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