For me, snacking can be an incredibly difficult thing considering my numerous food intolerances. I cannot simply reach for any granola bar or cookie when I am hungry inbetween meals because I have to read the ingredients listed in any and all products to ensure it is safe for me to consume.

I have always been a big fan of fruit. For me, it is a convenient and portable snack, and I am able to ingest it without having to double check that it won’t cause me discomfort or worse. However, I have realized as of late that perhaps the vast amount of fruit I consume in a given day is not the best thing for my acne because fruit is high in sugar. So, over the past two weeks or so I have decided to experiment with my snack options by replacing some fruit with raw vegetables instead. I have been enjoying carrots and cucumbers because they are simple and easy to transport, and while it is too early to confidently state that my acne has lessened because of my cutbacks in fruit, I definitely don’t think it is making my acne any worse.

While fruits are full of essential vitamins and minerals, they are also unfortunately full of sugar. Yes, the sugar in fruit is natural, but too much of anything fails to be a good thing, and I believe I was eating too much fruit before I starting eating more veggies throughout the course of a day.

Vegetables are just as easy as fruit to bring with you if you’re out and about, and depending on where you purchase your groceries from, they’re typically within the same price range. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than a box of granola bars, but in the long run some cucumbers and strawberries will likely benefit your body more than a chocolate chewy bar.

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