Product Review: PYT Hair Styling Tools

I have been styling my hair with hot tools since I was approximately thirteen years old, and I do not plan on refraining from using hot styling tools anytime in the near future. When I was younger I straightened my hair almost daily, and now I tend to curl my hair more often than I straighten it. Using styling tools on a daily basis is an excellent means to achieve a desired hair style or look, however it can also be incredibly damaging to the hair.

When I went to the Norfolk County Fair several weeks ago, I was suckered into a hair tool vendor for a demonstration involving their straightening iron on my own hair. I had curled my hair that day, and despite explaining to the salesman that I was not interested and furthermore did not want to walk around with half of my hair straight and the other half curled for the rest of the day, he was determined to receive my consent to demonstrate his product and its function to me, and so I succumbed and allowed him to straighten my hair. I was so impressed by the hot tools he experimented with on my hair that my mom and I purchased both a straightener and a curling wand from him, along with a miniature straightening iron and a hair serum.

The brand that makes the products I purchased is titled PYT, and you can explore their website here: They make a variety of hot styling tools, and what was most appealing to me was that their straightener is 100% ceramic, meaning it can be used on damp hair without damaging it. I have yet to come across a straightener that straightens my hair as quickly and as smoothly as this one does, and the curling wand is also the best I have used of its kind. The serum we purchased is also incredible, and it is composed of numerous antioxidants and green tea to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair and allow it to become sleek and healthy.

My mom and I were able to purchase all of these products and the serum at an incredibly low price because of a deal the salesman offered us. Wholesale, their products are expensive, which is definitely a downfall, but their performance is excellent.

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