The Idolization of Makeup

Within the past couple of years, my interest in makeup and cosmetics has blossomed. When I was in high school I failed to think twice about applying anything more than mascara and some concealer to my face in the morning before I left my house, and looking back I struggle with comprehending how simplistic my morning routine was compared to what my morning routine is now. Today I am unable to leave my house without having a full face of makeup on (mainly as a result of my insecurities with my skin and my acne) and I would argue that the idolization of makeup within recent years has tremendously impacted the concept of cosmetics in contemporary society.

As much as I appreciate makeup and enjoy using it, I do find it bothersome that I have developed such a dependence on its power in order to feel confident about myself. It seems as though there is some type of new cosmetic product being introduced to retail stores on a daily basis, and although this may only be my own opinion, I believe makeup communicates a subtle message that its use is required in order to better one’s appearance. Of course using makeup is a personal choice and furthermore an expression of artistry, but it is disturbing how women are praised when they choose to go out in public with a makeup-free face. Why has wearing makeup become the norm, to the point where not wearing makeup is interpreted as foreign and odd? Should we not simply praise women regardless if they choose to wear makeup or not? A majority of cosmetic products for the skin and face attempt to conceal and blur imperfections, but I feel as though in the process women (and men) are persuaded that having imperfections is unacceptable and strays from the norm, when really having zero imperfections is what constitutes as being abnormal in reality.

Makeup is a wonderful tool, but I do not believe it should be a necessary tool in order to achieve confidence. There needs to be more of an emphasis placed on natural beauty and imperfections in order to refrain from promoting the idea that perfection is the norm.

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