The Importance of Being Youthful

I am aware that the title of this post may seem rather vague and obscure, and may furthermore  seem superficial considering yesterday’s post addressed how women feel obliged to wear makeup in order to be accepted. This post, however, is not about the importance of being youthful in a physical sense or in regards to appearance, but instead is referencing the significance of holding on to some youth when it comes to personality and the ways in which one lives their life.

Tomorrow night is Halloween, and yesterday evening Blaine and I attended a Halloween party with his brother and sister-in-law. It was a costume party, so the four of us decided to dress up as the scarecrow, the tin man, the lion and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Being given the opportunity to re-live your childhood and dress up for Halloween is such a pleasant experience, in my own opinion. It is rare that adults stumble across an opportunity in which they are asked to be childish or to refrain from enacting the responsibilities and characteristics that are associated with adulthood, so when an opportunity like Halloween presents itself, I urge you to seize it.

The society in which we live is filled with negativity, hate and violence, and it is difficult to refrain from personally feeling the impact of such society on our overall moods. Hence why I am arguing the importance of being youthful. So often we hear expressions that suggest the joy we would experience if we could be young again and rid ourselves of responsibilities, however I feel as though it is possible to experience this joy without having to revert back to our childhoods. Small opportunities like Halloween are an excellent means revive the youth that still thrives within us, and to be honest, painting Blaine’s face to resemble a lion was pretty fun.

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