Work Ethic

I have discussed the topic of work ethic here on my blog before, however I would like to delve deeper into the topic. I feel as though work ethic is something that has failed to receive enough recognition in contemporary society, and I furthermore feel as though proper work ethic is something that fails to be a prominent occurrence within occupations nowadays.

Granted I am making a generalization in my statement, and I am more than aware that my argument fails to be relevant to all working persons. However, I would argue that there are far more persons with poor work ethic than there are persons with good work ethic, and I think this acknowledgement is problematic in occupations today.

Perhaps I am biased in my opinion considering I was raised and work on a farm, where proper work ethic is not only expected, but furthermore necessary. But the work ethic exemplified on a farm is, in my opinion, the type that should exist in all working environments. Poor or lazy work ethic on a farm can lead to accidents and disasters, hence why it is unacceptable. An agricultural environment is not a setting where jobs or work can be compromised, and I strongly feel as though all persons should work on a farm at some point in their lives to comprehend this understanding.

I was raised in a manner that ensured I complete tasks properly and fully, meaning short cuts in work is not something my parents tolerated or tolerate today. Such teaching has encouraged me to put forth my best effort not only on the farm, but in all aspects of my life. Whether it be in relationships, academics or work, I try my absolute hardest to dedicate myself entirely to a task, and being taught acceptable work ethic is what has allowed me to become an all-around hard-working individual.

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