Television Series Review: House

Approximately one month ago, I began to watch House on Netflix. I had never seen the show prior to my own choosing to view it on Netflix, meaning I was unsure of what exactly to expect. I was aware that the show depicts the lives and relationships between several physicians, but my knowledge of the series was limited.

I have almost completed season one of the show, and I am definitely not disappointed. House takes place in the fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey, and the name of the series originates from the name of the main character in the show – Dr. Gregory house, who is played by Hugh Laurie. Dr. House is a fascinating character, considering he himself is addicted to pain medication for a previous leg injury he sustained and is furthermore a tremendously miserable human being. Dr. House refrains from interacting with the patients he treats unless absolutely necessary, meaning the way in which he conducts his work is often disapproved by his fellow physicians, Dr. Wilson (played by Robert Sean Leonard), Dr. Chase (played by Jesse Spencer), Dr. Cameron (played by Jennifer Morrison) and Dr. Foreman (played by Omar Epps). Dr. House also has a rather interesting relationship with the hospital administrator / Dean of Medicine, Dr. Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein), and the mockery and banter that occurs between the two of them is incredibly entertaining.

According to, House was one of the top ten television series in the United States during its second, third and fourth seasons. It aired in sixty-six countries, meaning it was the most viewed television show in the world in 2008. House has been the recipient of five Emmy’s, two Golden Globes, one Peabody and nine People’s Choice Awards.

I think this show is so highly appreciated because it approaches the typical doctor television show from a unique and alternative perspective. Dr. House is a true medical genius in the show, and watching him work through a diagnosis is what makes this show so captivating.


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