The 2016 Presidential Election

Today, November 8th, marks the date in which the next president of the United States of America shall be elected. I can recall being annoyed with the constant news coverage of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton back in the summer months, and now that the dreaded date has actually arrived, I find myself in a state of disbelief. It certainly crept up quickly.

Trump serves as the representative of the Republican party in the States, whereas Clinton serves as the representative of the Democrat party. While neither candidates appeal to me personally, my opinion is essentially invalid considering I fail to be a US citizen and therefore will not be voting today. However, from what I have heard from news coverage and election documentation, many American citizens are in agreement with my own dismay with the final two candidates, which may ultimately lead to a lack of overall voting for the 2016 election.

When I was younger, I was constantly inundated with the message to vote. I failed to see the significance of my own vote amidst thousands of others, however I voted once I became of age in order to contribute to my country. Now that I am older and slightly more educated in the realm of politics, I am able to acknowledge the importance of voting, and furthermore the danger that lies within the decision to refrain from voting.

To be honest, I am entirely unsure of who will win this presidential election. However, I am fairly certain that the amount of American individuals voting will be lower than previous elections, and it is arguable that this lack of voting is what is the most problematic about this election. If Americans are displeased with both of the presidential candidates, it is probable that they will abstain from participating in voting, which makes the overall fate of this election even more unpredictable.

I am certainly curious to see who will be victorious, and while I am hoping Clinton receives more votes than Trump, this election is truly unpredictable.

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