Open Mindedness

This morning when I returned home from school I had a discussion with my dad about the recent presidential election results. Personally I am rather shocked and furthermore disappointed that Donald Trump was elected as president as opposed to Hillary Clinton, however my opinion is essentially irrelevant in the context of the issue considering I am a Canadian citizen. I was explaining to my dad why I feel as though Trump is not a promising presidential figure for America, and our conversation soon turned into a debate.

I explained to my Dad that Trump is racist, sexist and discriminatory in numerous regards, and while my dad agreed with me and listened to my point of view, he argued that Trump may, in fact, be a strong president for the US. My dad feels as though America needs someone representing their country who fails to be afraid of being politically incorrect, and while my dad does not believe the way in which Trump conducts his political stance (being racist and sexist) is appropriate, he argued that considering almost 50% of Americans voted for Trump to be elected, his title has to be granted with some type of acceptance.

I do not agree with my dad, and I still stand behind my own opinion regarding Trump. However, our conversation this morning prompted me to acknowledge the importance of being open-minded, specifically in contemporary society. The world in which we live is filled with violence and discrimination, and being close-minded is perhaps one of the most dangerous factors that can contribute to such violence and discrimination. Like I said, I do not agree with my dad’s opinion of Trump, however I listened to his arguments and allowed him to express his thoughts and opinions, just as he did for me. It is difficult to gain any progression in discussion if an individual refuses to recognize an opinion other than their own.

Trump, in my opinion, is a poor president for the US, however I encourage you to try your best to be open-minded of the various political stances that are likely to develop in the upcoming months regarding the results of the recent election. Being open-minded is potentially the greatest thing we can accomplish together.

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