The Importance of Spending Time with Animals

This morning I decided to take my dogs on a walk along a beautiful trail not too far from my house. My dogs are privileged in the sense that they reside on a farm, meaning they have ample opportunity to explore and furthermore run around and get some exercise. However, I thought it would be pleasant for them and myself to take them somewhere foreign to allow them to gain some familiarity with with a different scene of nature.

I often feel as though pet owners fail to spend enough time with their animals. Sure, we pet them and give them a belly rub here and there, but animals are different from humans in the sense that they are completely and entirely loyal to their owners. They devote themselves to their masters, and experience tremendous joy in spending time with them. I would argue that animals often feel neglected because their owners are unable to spend enough time with them, hence why I wanted to go out with my dogs this morning and ensure I gave them some attention.

Animals are not only wonderful companions, but spending time with them can also be therapeutic for their owners. Regardless of what activity you decide to engage in with your pet, often times it is enjoyable for not only the animal but the individual spending time with them as well. Animals are entertaining, loving and spontaneous, and that is what makes them such fantastic companions.

If your pet is a reptile or a fish, it is understandably a little more challenging to spend time with them than say a dog. However, I would argue that all animals require attention and interaction to some extent, so whatever you decide to do with your pet, know that they enjoy and appreciate it.

Animals and pets are some of the greatest gifts to humans, and I often ponder how we came to deserve their company. Be sure to express your gratitude to your pet and their loyalty, and to refrain from taking advantage of their dedication.

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