Media Manipulation

I’m aware that the topic of media being manipulative is a redundant one, but I certainly feel as though it is still worth discussing and acknowledging. There has been a lot of speculation in regards to manipulative media following the recent presidential election in the United States, and I believe it is important to generate an awareness of the incredible power media sustains when it comes to manipulation.

I have read numerous reports stating that the media coverage of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton throughout their campaigns was not entirely accurate, with such inaccuracy resulting in detrimental outcomes for both individuals. There has been criticism that the media coverage of Donald Trump has focused solely on his unprofessional demeanour whilst campaigning for the position of president as opposed to his political work and efforts. There has also been criticism that the media coverage of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal was not entirely accurate, and it has been suggested that perhaps this incorrect coverage of Clinton is what allowed her to lose to Trump in the race. I am not stating that either of these statements are entirely true or valid, but I think the recent discussion addressing the misconceptions of media depictions is essential to recognize in order to refrain from falling victim to its bias.

The issue with media coverage is that we as a society are only shown what the creators of such media determine we should see. This select portrayal of media and facts is what allows for inaccuracies and biases to occur, and the consequences of this limited depiction can be incredibly severe in specific circumstances (for example, a presidential election).

Media is resource that possesses a dangerous amount of control and power over the masses, and being conscious of this control is what needs to be advocated in order to inform persons of the manipulation that exists within media.


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