Lululemon Apparel

It seems as though a majority of Canadian individuals have a sort of idolization for Lululemon and their clothing.. The brand has skyrocketed in terms of popularity amongst Canadian within the past decade, and as wonderful as their clothing is I simply cannot think of any reason to justify the ridiculous prices they charge for their apparel.

I own one pair of Lululemon pants, and I purchased them when I was in grade nine. I reluctantly admit that I only purchased the pants because it seemed as though anyone and everyone had a pair, and I was constantly hearing praise and adoration for how comfortable they wore and how flattering they look on the body. Granted, the pants are flattering and are furthermore comfortable, however I have worn them approximately five times since I purchased them seven years ago. I prefer to wear pants with pockets because of the FitBit application I make use of on my phone to count my steps, therefore I do not wear my Lululemon pants because they do not have pockets.

I recently went to the Lululemon website to see if they have any bottoms with pockets, and much to my surprise they did. They had several different leggings with pockets (intended for persons who run and need to keep things on them while doing so), however once I looked at the price of the leggings I liked I almost fell out of my chair. The single pair of leggings cost $140.00 (without tax) and thus my goal to own a pair of Lululemon pants with pockets quickly went down the drain.

I still cannot comprehend how a pair of leggings can cost $140.00, let alone how Lululemon is still thriving considering the state of the economy. I managed to find a pair of leggings with pockets at Winners that cost me a whopping $30.00, and I can personally attest to the fact that they are just as comfortable and just as flattering as my Lululemon pants.


Don’t give into the hype – Lululemon is not the end all and be all of workout gear, and you won’t be isolated if you refrain from buying from them.

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