Film Review: Bone Tomahawk

I recently viewed the 2015 film Bone Tomahawk and I can say with confidence it is by far the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. The film features performances from impressive actors and actresses such as Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox, however the plot is so incredibly dark and haunting that is it difficult to even acknowledge the solid acting from these individuals.

The film depicts the story of four men who set out across the desert to rescue a woman, who happens to be the wife of Wilson’s character. The sheriff discovers that the woman was captured by a tribe of cannibalistic cave-dwellers, and so he (Russell), his back-up deputy and two other men travel over the span of several days to locate her and bring her back to their town. The genre of the movie is a combination of Western and Horror, and the film is accurate in its portrayal of how society may have been during the Western era.

Two thirds of the movie essentially follows the men in their journey through the desert, and I found myself getting rather bored considering there was very little action occurring. However, as soon as the men finally locate the caves of the cannibals who abducted Wilson’s wife, the action is positively overwhelming and the scenes of gore that occur are deeply disturbing. I found myself having to turn away from the screen during scenes that displayed the interaction between the men and the cannibals, and I actually felt physically ill after witnessing the extreme violence and gore. I have never been so disturbed by a film before, and it is arguable that no other film will disturb me the way Bone Tomahawk did.

I suppose this film is great for individuals who enjoy gore and sadism, however it is not my preference. If you’re feeling brave (and haven’t eaten anything for a few hours) feel free to check this film out.

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