Charity Christmas Opportunities

My mom phoned me at school the other day and informed me about a church Christmas activity she is involving our family with. Our parish, which is St. Mary’s in Brantford, is engaging in a Christmas charity activity for the first time this Holiday season in which families from the church seemingly ‘adopt’ a family in the Brantford community. The goal of the project is for parishioners to purchase gifts between ten and twenty dollars in addition to a hat and a pair of mittens for children in the city whose families are unable to purchase Christmas gifts for them this Christmas due to financial restrictions and burdens.

The reason my mom phoned me and explained this charity activity to me is because she needed me to go out and purchase the gifts for the children within the family we were assigned. I immediately figured the Dollar Store would be the best venue to explore because I would likely be able to purchase a decent quantity of gifts for these children whilst remaining within the recommended church budget.

I had a lot of fun purchasing some gifts for the children my family and I were assigned to assist. I have not yet had the opportunity to purchase gifts for children under the age of ten years, and being given the opportunity to explore some of the options and determine what gifts would bring the most amount of joy to the children was a really heart-warming experience.

I believe the activity that our church is pursuing this holiday season is a truly wonderful way to generate a sense of unification within a community. The concept of providing aid to persons who I will likely never meet is a rewarding realization, and I think charity activities such as this one are a wonderful thing to be affiliated with, especially during the Christmas season.

If you ever have the opportunity to engage in an activity such as this one, and you are financially able to, I urge you to do so. It is a great way to help others in your own community, and the impact you will have upon them and their families is arguably tremendous.

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