The Fear of Asking For Help

Over the course of my studies in university, I have come to the conclusion that asking for aid is one of the most beneficial things an individual can do in regards to succeeding academically. I refrained from seeking assistance from my professors throughout my first three years in school, and I wish I had come to the realization sooner that asking my professors for help and for their opinions is one of the best things I could have done as a student. Being in my fourth and final year currently, I have finally looked past my pride and have allowed myself to converse with my professors about assignment expectations and goals, and it had undoubtedly improved my marks.

I would argue that a majority of students refrain from going to their professors for assistance due to fear. Students tend to feel intimidated by their professors, myself included, and we convince ourselves that if we seek their aid they will look down upon us or make us feel inferior to them. I can personally attest to the fact that this assumption is by no means true and is furthermore incredibly inaccurate, considering most professors wish that their students would come to them with questions in order to succeed and do well in their course.

There may be some professors you encounter that do in fact make you feel small or stupid when you ask them for help, however if this interaction occurs it is likely unintentional. If anything, professors are harsh because they are pushing you to discover how much potential and capability you actually possess in the context of academics, and although it may make you feel insecure in that moment, trust me, it will pass and you will eventually acknowledge what actually occurred.

Professors are ultimately people just like you and me at the end of the day, and chances are they are not out to get you and are not aiming to ruin your GPA. Go see your professors and ask for help – I guarantee you will not regret it.

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