Dry, Winter Skin

I was fortunate enough to inherit my mom’s skin issues come winter time, and with all of the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing in Canada as of late, my skin is beginning to resemble the Sahara Desert. When I say skin, I am specifically referencing the skin on my knuckles and my lips, however I am certain that as the cold weather progresses my skin will become dry and sore in many other places.

I have had issues with eczema on my knuckles during the winter for several years now, and it seems as though no matter how many preventative measures I take in order to protect my hands from the cold, the cracking and redness inevitably makes an appearance. As for my lips, I really did not experience any winter dryness with them until the last couple of years or so, and although I am unsure as to why the winter has started to irritate them I am sure that they too will get worse as the winter continues.

The main issue I have with dry skin is the fact that I have to be rather careful and cautious with lotions and balms. Due to my gluten intolerance I am not only unable to consume gluten but I furthermore cannot use it on my skin without it becoming irritated, and I definitely am not looking to re-irritate irritated skin. Gluten-free hand creams are not as much as a struggle to discover as lip balms, and because a majority of lip balms contain heavy oils and waxes, I am also unable to use them because of my acne-prone skin (if I use lip chap the skin around my mouth breaks out within a couple of hours). One thing I have found to work for both my hands and my lips is 100% argan oil, however it is rather expensive and impractical to apply when I am out and about.

If you have any recommendations for gluten-free hand creams and lip balms, please let me know! I will be sure to investigate them and report back here to share my experiences.

2 thoughts on “Dry, Winter Skin

  1. Hey Lauren I was just scrolling through your blog and saw this post. I also have a problem with dry hands in the winter; in spite of gloves and creams they seem to just shrivel. LOL.

    A lot of moisturizers irritate the f*ck out of my skin but, I have one called ” Hempz” that I use regularly. It is a gluten free product and I actually have a lip balm from the brand as well. You should check them out! They come in a few different fragrances but I like the plain the best.

    Happy new year!


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