Product Review: The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain

I am the type of person who yearns to wear a bold liquid lipstick and do so successfully, though seem to encounter endless complications throughout the process of actually applying the product. The product bleeds, I overline my lips, I underline my lips, I choose the wrong shade… the possibilities for failure are endless.

Considering I have yet to have a positive experience with liquid lipstick, I did some research and learned that lip stains are essentially the type of lip product someone like myself needs in order to wear lipstick and not resemble a clown. Lip stains are basically fool-proof and do not require a lot of technical skill to apply, so when I discovered that The Body Shop carries them I knew I would be visiting their store in order to purchase my first lip stain.

An added bonus regarding The Body Shop’s lip stain is that it also performs as a cheek stain, meaning it can be worn on the lips in addition to the cheeks and enhances the overall colour of both areas naturally.

I purchased the lip/cheek stain in shade #08, Deep Cherry. While this colour may sound intense, it is a really beautiful and subtle red shade, and it can definitely be worn in numerous situations. It tastes awful, however the product is arguably not intended to be ingested, so I really cannot complain too much about that element of the product.

This product retails for $16.00, which is not cheap, but as I have mentioned before The Body Shop’s products are worth the money. I have a different post addressing their Fair Trade Community practices and their refusal to test their products on animals, so while their prices may seem high on a surface level, they are justified in asking slightly more for their products than what drugstore products may ask for.

Overall I would recommend this lip stain to any person who finds the task of applying liquid lipstick to be challenging and furthermore any person who enjoys wearing lip stains.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain

    1. Hey Violet, thanks for reading! I have tried the Ocean sea salt scrub from Lush and their coffee scrub, but never any makeup products. I honestly prefer the Body Shop to Lush, but I really haven’t experimented with enough Lush products to make that claim with complete certainty.


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