Are You Spending Too Much Money On Everyday Items?

As a student, I can say with confidence that I try my absolute best to purchase items when they are on sale or are offered at a discounted price. Everyday necessities, despite being necessities, can become expensive, and so I have come to the realization that I have been spending far too much money on items that are often available for purchase at discount stores.

Consider hygiene products for example. If you visit a drugstore and purchase one bottle of shampoo, one bottle of conditioner, a bottle of body wash/soap and some deodorant, you’re likely spending at least twenty dollars. Depending on the size of the retailer in your location, chances are that your local dollar store carries a majority of brands you already make use of, and you are able to purchase the same four items for approximately a third of the cost.

The same principle applies to other goods, for example candy, gum, office supplies, hair styling tools and even automotive supplies – the dollar store has definitely expanded their selection of merchandise, and I have been making full use of such expansion.

It is arguable that some individuals may feel uncomfortable about shopping at discount stores, however I believe if doing so saves you money, there is no reason not to. I am not attempting to speak on behalf of all persons or make generalizations, however if the same items are available in two separate retailers and one retailer offers said item for a fraction of the cost, why wouldn’t you shop there?

As an added bonus, the dollar store offers a lot of unique items you likely will not find elsewhere, and I myself am usually surprised with what I discover in the store. It’s a fantastic place to visit if you’re into DIY crafts and projects, which is also a cheaper alternative in some situations, and their selection of arts and crafts supplies is tremendous.

The dollar store has saved me a lot of money and has prompted me to consider how much money I was wasting prior to shopping there. Visit yourself and see what you can find!

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