I can recall having an absolute obsession with Pinterest throughout the latter half of my high school career. I used to scroll through the seemingly endless pages of each category and pin anything that caught my eye to my ‘boards’, however once I began university and had an increased work load, I failed to have time to use Pinterest to the same extent I previously had.

A couple of weeks ago I was curled up in bed, using my laptop, and for some reason I thought about Pinterest. I am unsure what exactly triggered the memory, but I was soon re-familiarizing myself with the website and exploring it as I once did.

Pinterest, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept, is a website that allows users to ‘pin’ images to virtual bulletin boards. If you go to the site and create an account, you are able to create boards for different topics and categories, some popular examples being recipes, DIY projects, fashion, beauty, travel, etc. It can be quite overwhelming at first, however once you get the hang of it the website it is a rather enjoyable means to pass time and to furthermore gain some inspiration regarding different interests.

Pinterest is great for individuals who tend to have a lot of ideas about things but fail to have a designated area to store their ideas. The website is also available via smartphones and has its own app on the App Store, meaning it can be accessed in a variety of locations.

I personally enjoy scrolling through the food section and allowing myself to salivate at images of foods I will likely never create, but I also tend to gravitate towards the beauty section in addition to the humour section.

If you’re already a Pinterest user, feel free to follow me – my username is laurenarva, and I will give you a follow back!

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