Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

Last Friday evening, recently elected president Donald Trump signed an executive order preventing refugees from entering America for the next one hundred and twenty days and furthermore preventing immigrants from Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from entering America for the next three months. The following information is outlined on

Trump’s signing provoked tremendous outrage regarding his decision around the globe, and his signing instilled a lot of confusion and fear in the lives of those specifically impacted by his executive order. Hundreds of individuals protested at airports across the US as well as outside of the White House, and persons in political positions voiced their opinions on Trump’s ruling. Theresa May, prime minister of the UK, expressed her disapproval of Trump’s order; Sadiq Kahn, mayor of London, referred to the ban as “shameful and cruel”; Angela Merkel, German chancellor, personally called Trump and informed him of the president’s obligations regarding refugees specifically under Geneva Conventions.

There is furthermore significant confusion surrounding the topic of whether or not Trump’s ban is legal. In New York a federal judge granted an emergency stay for individuals who are citizens of the countries banned by Trump and stated that they cannot be forcibly removed from the state. In Washington a federal court proposed a stay which prevents travellers from any of the countries banned from being sent back to their home country, and in Boston federal judges determined that ruled officials are not able to detain a person according to Trump’s order.

I am unsure as to what exactly will happen as a result of Trump’s choice to target predominately Muslim countries in his ban, but it is arguable that his decision perpetuates racism and racial/ethnic discrimination. How can America, and furthermore the world, gain progress in terms of racism when a political figure as influential and powerful as the president of the United States chooses to blatantly target countries because of their association with a specific religion? I am personally unable to accurately fathom what exactly individuals impacted by Trump’s signing are experiencing, however I am able to express my support for these persons and applaud other individuals in political positions that are welcoming these targeted individuals into other countries, for example Justin Trudeau.

I would like to say that I am shocked by Trump’s Muslim Ban, however knowing what this man has said about racial minorities I sadly am not. I will continue to pray for targeted individuals and I ask you to do the same.






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