The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

Plants make me happy. Perhaps this statement seems rather random and out of context, however after doing some research I have gained a better understanding of why my plants seemingly enhance my mood.

The following information comes from and provides an explanation as to why owning indoor plants is a beneficial investment.

  • Plants reduce stress
  • Plants generate an overall sense of well-being
  • Plants improve air quality in an enclosed area
  • Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels within an enclosed area
  • Plants increase humidity and moisture levels in air
  • Plants have the ability to diminish the presence of certain air-borne pollutants
  • Plants decrease the occurrence of airborne dust particles
  • Plants aid in lowering air temperatures

In summation: is there any reason why any individual should not own an indoor plant?

Perhaps I am slightly biased in my appreciation for plants because my mom is a die-hard green thumb. Since I was a child I have been raised in a household that is, quite literally, busting at the seams with plants, however I am thankful that my mom exposed me to greenery and vegetation.

Aside from the benefits the plant itself offers, there are reasons as to why taking care of a plant is beneficial for persons. Whether it be indoor or outdoor, gardening is, for some people, an excellent means to alleviate stress and achieve mental clarity, and it also generates a sense of responsibility – a plant has to be cared for, otherwise it will wither and eventually die. Caring for a living thing is rewarding, even if such living thing is a plant, and it is arguable that gardening is a means to exert responsibility and commitment.

I personally like bamboo, aloe plants and cacti, however there are so many different types of plants, and I am confident in stating that there is likely a plant for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Pick yourself up a plant today and reap its benefits.

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