How To Diminish Bloating

Bloating is arguably one of the most uncomfortable sensations a person can experience. It is awkward and irritating, and furthermore has the ability to entirely abolish an individual’s sense of self-confidence.

I have endured my fair share of bloating, and after pondering how to combat this uncomfortable sensation I was prompted to do some research in order to learn some effective remedies for relieving bloating. I found the following information on authority

(1) Refrain from ingesting too much food in one sitting: Rather than consuming a large amount of food in a single meal, try to graze throughout the day. Grazing gives your body the opportunity to better digest food in increments rather than all at once, and can prevent your digestive system from going into overdrive.

(2) Determine if you have food intolerances/allergies: One of the most common symptoms of food intolerances and minor allergies is bloating. If you are suspicious of being intolerant or allergic to a specific food, consult with your doctor and request for testing.

(3) Abstain from swallowing air: This may seem rather ridiculous, but swallowing air is easier to do than you might think. Fizzy and carbonated drinks are one of the biggest culprits that contribute to the consumption of air, and excess air in the stomach causes bloating.

(4) Avoid sugar alternatives: Aspartame is a commonly used ingredient in sugar alternatives, and despite it reducing calories it can contribute to bloating.

(5) Consider using a probiotic: Probiotics contribute to healthy gut bacteria and can aid in improving overall stomach/digestive health. Speak to your doctor if you are interested in taking a probiotic in order to determine which one is best for you.

One remedy I have discovered that works to reduce and furthermore eradicate my bloating is apple cider vinegar. My mom suggested that I take a tablespoon of the vinegar when I am feeling bloated, and after trying it out I can say with confidence that it works.

Do you have any recommendations for either preventing or receiving bloating? If so, please share!

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