After seeing the film Get Out my thoughts have been preoccupied with the concept of hypnosis and hypnotism. Hypnosis is a central theme of the movie, and while I do not wish to reveal any spoilers they way in which it is used in the film is rather terrifying.

Hypnosis, according to Wikipedia.org, is a mode of human consciousness involving specified attention and diminished peripheral awareness, provoking an elevated ability to respond to command or suggestion. It is believed to be an art, skill or act, and is more prevalent in contemporary society than I was personally aware of.

Theories regarding what hypnosis entails may be categorized into two main groupings. Altered State theories believe hypnosis to be an altered state of mind in which an individual seemingly falls into a trance with their awareness varying from a traditional conscious state. Nonstate theories believe hypnosis involves fictional role-enactment.

It has been proposed that an individual under the influence of hypnosis possesses an elevated sense of focus and concentration. Hypnosis enables a person to focus intensely on a particular memory or thought while simultaneously preventing the possibility of being distracted by external influencers.

Hypnosis can be used as a therapeutic treatment and furthermore as a means of entertainment, for example stage hypnosis. Countless persons have reported making use of hypnosis to rid themselves of unwanted habits, for example nail biting or smoking cigarettes, and have been successful in doing so. For others, hypnosis is a daunting concept because it involves allowing a person to invade and gain control over your own mind and thoughts.

I have never been hypnotized personally, however I do know persons who have made use of hypnotism and have had positive experiences in doing so. The concept of mind control both intrigues me and scares me, therefore I am unsure of what my concrete opinion regarding hypnotism is.


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