The Bachelor

Prior to this year I had never really dedicated time to watching the Bachelor. I had seen the odd episode periodically but was never particularly interested in what the show involved.

A couple of my roommates convinced me to watch a few episodes of the most recent season with them, and eventually all of my roommates and I agreed to come together on Monday evenings to watch the latest episode.

I will admit that the show is entertaining and comical at times, however after watching a majority of a season I can say with confidence that I fail to support what the show includes and furthermore advocates to its viewers.

The Bachelor typically involves a single male who welcomes the company of approximately thirty women. Throughout the duration of the television season the male interacts with the women in groups and individually, sending one woman home a week (typically). By the end of the season the Bachelor has designated one woman whom he believes to be best suited for him personally, and he asks her to marry him.

First of all, I find it bothersome that the show depicts a single male dating approximately thirty women at the same time. Secondly, a typical Bachelor season runs for roughly two months, and for a person to propose to an individual after two months seems incredibly unrealistic in my opinion.

Viewing the concluding episode of this past season a couple of days ago particularly perturbed me, because Nick (this season’s Bachelor) was forced to decide between the final two women. The woman he sent home, Raven, was devastated, which is understandable. She explained that she felt as though she failed to be good enough for Nick once he rejected her, and this feeling is likely one that was experienced by each and every woman Nick chose to send home.

Basically, I do not agree with the ethics of the Bachelor, and while the show is entertaining, it sends a rather detrimental message to its viewers.

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