Hunter Boots: Not Worth the Money

I am a tremendous fan of the style and elegance of Hunter boots, therefore it truly pains me to be writing this post. However, after purchasing two separate pairs and having both tear/crack on me, I have come to the realization that someone needs to advocate on behalf of the poor quality of these boots.

Perhaps I just have terrible luck or I am hard on boots, but having two pairs of $200.00 rubber boots kick the bucket is simply inexcusable. I bought my first pair of Hunters about three years ago, and after one year of wearing them both heels collapsed and the left foot had a hole in the side. I took a break from Hunters but decided to give them another try and asked for a pair for this past Christmas. My boyfriend got me a pair, and after a mere four months of wearing them they, too, have a crack in the front. The two pairs I owned were completely different styles, meaning the rips and cracks were not a result of an error involving one specific boot style.

After my first pair gave out on me, I contacted Hunter customer service and explained the situation to them. Their website claims a 1 year warranty guarantee, but apparently the company does not cover any issues regarding wear and tear. I couldn’t tell you what their warranty does cover, but long story short, I was not compensated for my mangled boots, and I will not be compensated for they pair I received four months ago, either.

Considering the price of these boots, I am not impressed with their quality or the customer service of the company overall. I love Hunter boots, but after two separate experiences I can not justify their price. You’re better off purchasing a pair of rubber boots from TSC for $40.00.

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