Classic rock music has always been something I enjoy. I am thankful that my parents introduced me to this type of music from a young age, and because of their efforts I was able to listen to and fall in love with the music by Queen.

Queen, a British rock band, originated in 1970 and consisted of lead vocalist and pianist Freddie Mercury, lead guitarist and vocalist Brian May, drummer and vocalist Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon. Their earliest music can be categorized as progressive and hard rock and heavy metal, though they eventually began to experiment with arena rock and pop rock genres. Prior to forming Queen, May, Taylor and Deacon were in a separate band called Smile, and after encountering Mercury and learning he was a fan of their own band, the four men came together to form one of the greatest rock bands to date.

By the early 1980s Queen was one of the largest stadium rock bands in the world, and to date they have released eighteen number-one albums, eighteen number-one singles and ten number-one DVDs. Their record sales total approximately three-hundred million in counting, allowing them to be recognized as one of the world’s most successful selling music artists. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.


In 1991, Mercury passed away from Bronchopneumonia (a complication of AIDS) and Deacon retired from the band in 1997. May and Taylor continue to perform as Queen and have welcomed Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert as feature vocalists whilst touring.

My mom and I are going to see Queen in concert this July, and though I would give anything to have been able to see the original band perform, I am thankful that the Queen legacy continues to prosper to some degree. Their music is timeless and the talent of these men is undeniable, allowing for Queen to remain a favourite of mine likely for the rest of my life.

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