Makeup: More than Products

While I by no means am able to identify as a makeup expert, I have certainly become more informed about cosmetic products over the past couple of years. My makeup knowledge is because of my sister (she is incredibly talented with makeup and has taught me everything I know), and because of the insight I have gained about the makeup industry I have come to appreciate the beauty industry significantly more than I ever did before.

I would argue that most persons do not see the creative potential that exists within the realm of makeup. I certainly did not until I began to learn from my sister, but seeing the looks she creates in addition to the talent of makeup bloggers on Youtube has encouraged me to acknowledge how creative makeup can be. Whether it be a simple smokey eye, bright pastel colours or even gore makeup, cosmetic products are incredibly versatile, and there fails to be any sort of limit when it comes to creative makeup use.

I have been pushing myself as of late to experiment with more colour in my own makeup routine, and while blue eyeliner may not seem extraordinary to the average person, using it myself has been rewarding in the sense that it has opened doors to more colour opportunities. Makeup is such a liberating and diverse thing, and although it does not appeal to everyone, those who make use of it creatively are likely able to express themselves through the looks they create.

I am still learning, as are most people, and I look forward to engaging in new trends and colours in the upcoming season. Makeup is ever-changing, and taking part in the opportunities it presents has been a great experience for me personally. Don’t shy away from being bold – bold is beautiful, and so are you.

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