5 Signs of a True Friendship

Getting together with a good friend of mine a couple of days ago encouraged me to write a post addressing signs of a true and healthy friendship. I have been friends with this particular individual since senior kindergarten, and she and I have been through many ups and downs in our relationship, mainly stemming from faults on my behalf. Our friendship somewhat faltered throughout the duration of our high school education, however she and I reconnected and have been on great terms ever since.

I thought I would propose five key elements to a healthy friendship, elements which I made note of when I was with my friend recently.

(1) You feel completely and entirely comfortable in their presence. A true friendship should not consist of strained or forced behaviour, rather genuine and honest interaction.

(2) You share a similar sense of humour. Being able to laugh with a friend is a significant component of a great friendship, so don’t feel the neeed to hold back.

(3) Time is not an issue. For many individuals, it can be difficult to connect with friends on a consistent basis. If you’re able to go weeks, months or even years without seeing a friend but feel as though nothing in your relationship has changed when you finally meet, they’re likely a true friend to you.

(4) You can be completely honest with each other. If you’re afraid to be forward with a friend in fear of offending them, perhaps you don’t know each other entirely quite yet.

(5) You give equal effort to the friendship. A friendship, like any relationship, is a 50/50 effort. If you’re both giving each other time and effort, you’re arguably sharing a wonderful friendship.

Grabted, no two friendships are the same and therefore cannot all be categorized by these five signs. If you’re certain you have a lifelong friend, cherish your relationship with them and be sure to keep in touch.

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