Preventing Hair Tangling

Any individual who has a substantial amount of hair on their head is well aware of the dread that occurs after a day spent in high winds. You shower and deeply shampoo and condition your hair in an attempt to rid as many knots from your mop as possible, yet when you get out of the shower it looks as though there is a tumbleweed situated upon your head.

Hair knots suck.

If there is one thing I have learned since growing my hair out, it is that a majority of hair knots can be prevented as soon as you step out of the shower or bath.

How, you may ask?

Don’t dry it.

Yes, you read that correctly – don’t dry your hair when it is wet.

Don’t blow dry it, don’t towel dry it, don’t wind-dry it, nothing. When I step out of the shower with a soaking wet head, I take my towel and gently squeeze my hair with it from the base of my neck downwards. This rids any excess water form your hair and prevents your hair from leaving a water trail throughout your house. After you have done this, simply wind your hair up into a towel and let it sit and dry in the towel for about ten or fifteen minutes. Remove the towel form your head, allow your hair to fall, then comb it. I use a conditioning serum on the ends of my hair whenever I have showered and am allowing it to dry naturally, so feel free to use any products prior to combing it out.

By refraining from drying my hair, I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of knots that form after I towel dry or blow dry it. Perhaps this trick will fail to work for everyone, but it is my hope that it may at least work for some.

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