Laziness in the Work Force: What Does it Mean for Future Generations?

My mom and I had a very thorough discussion the other day regarding the prevalence of laziness in the work force. So often I witness employees who fail to conduct their assigned duties in a complete or even correct manner, and this significantly frustrates me.

Being raised on a farm has undoubtedly allowed me to develop strong work ethic. When I was younger I was told by my dad that if I did not intend to complete a job correctly I should refrain from doing it entirely, and I think this is the same lesson so many individuals need to be taught in contemporary society.

In regards to future generations, the occurrence of poor work ethic in the workplace is an issue of tremendous importance that requires attention and consideration now. Considering the widespread dominance of laziness and poor attitudes in the work place currently, it is alarming to consider what the attitude of employee’s towards their work in twenty years will resemble. Will it improve? Possibly, however I would argue that it is more likely to worsen.

So often I express my gratitude to my mom and dad for teaching me proper work ethic from such a young age. If it were not for the farm and the work affiliated with it, I likely would not possess the work ethic I take pride in now that I am older and am able to witness the rarity of strong work ethic in the workplace.

I think one of the most effective ways to approach this issue is to somehow reinstall the teachings of strong work ethic into youth beginning to enter the workforce. Granted, this is difficult considering all children are raised differently, but failing to educate youth about how to go about work-related duties is a problem that will continue to exist unless some sort of preventative measures are taken.

If you’re going to do a job, do it right. It’s as simple as that.

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