3 Tips For A Better Sleep

Sleep is undoubtedly an integral component of our lives. It is a daily necessity that allows our bodies to recharge and heal and is not something that should falter in the amount of attantion it is given.

Unfortunately, for a lot of individuals, sleep is something that is often oppressed because of other responsibilities and duties. It is far too simple to restrict sleep in order to complete other jobs and requirements, however so many persons do just that.

I thought I would propose some of the things I do to achieve the best nights sleep possible. These techniques and strategies work well for me personally, however they may not be as effective for all persons. Experiment with some trial and error procedures in order to determine what works best for you and your body.

1) Plan ahead: It may sound odd to plan out your sleeping schedule, but I find that doing this aids me tremendously in regards to my sleeping needs. If you are aware that your sleep will be lacking several days in a row, plan to get some extra zzzzs ahead of time, for example a couple of days prior. By doing so you’re less likely to be totally gassed after several consecutive late nights.

2) Take time to relax: I find it nearly impossible to fall asleep while agitated or stressed. Prior to crawling into bed at the end of the day, take five minutes to engage in some meditation, stretching or even reading. Pick an activity that you find soothing and clear your head in doing so.

3) Stay hydrated: most people would likely abstain from drinking a lot of water before bed to avoid having to wake up and using the bathroom. I find that if I go to bed feeling thirsty, I am particularly dehydrated the next day. Try drinking a single glass of water before bed and see if it makes a difference.

Sleep is far important to sacrifice on a daily basis. Take care of yourself and make sure you’re getting enough hours.

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