New Media Landscape: What Is It?

I was going through some of the academic assignments I completed throughout my duration of studies at Brock, and discovered an assignment I composed in my second year for an online media/communication course I was enrolled in. It regards the concept of New Media Landscape, a term coined by Henry Jenkins, and in the assignment I outline the eight traits of the New Media Landscape: Innovative, in which he addresses the new technological advances and creations of technology; Convergent, in which he describes the merging capabilities technology has amongst its users; Everyday, in which he explains how technology has become so consistent in the lives of users; Appropriative, in which he brings attention to the adaptability of technology and its ability to fulfill various needs amongst individuals; Networked, in which he describes the interconnectedness technology allows for in a communication context; Global, in which he addresses the divides in access to technology in different geographical locations; Generational, in which he explains how often times technological knowledge is gained from the influence of others; and Unequal, in which he addresses the issue of how not all technology users are able to participate at equal levels due to inexperience and inaccessibility.

Jenkins defines New Media Landscape as terminology used to identify widespread communication that is accessible to and used by a large group of individuals. In my assignment I specifically focus on the Everyday trait of the New Media Landscape because it addresses the significance of technology in the lives of individuals on a daily basis and how it has become a constant for many Internet users throughout their daily lives and activities. Jenkins describes the Everyday trait through means of a comparison to ‘technologization’, explaining how technology has become an integral aspect of both familial and relational dynamics and how such integration has both depleted and enhanced communication amongst individuals in a social context. He explains how the dependency and emphasis placed upon technology and internet networking is dangerous because an over-familiarization with its function will lead to an inability to distinguish between technology and reality, but also how the dependency and emphasis placed upon technology and internet use is beneficial because it has unveiled many new opportunities and possibilities to enable users to access technology almost anywhere.


Despite this assignment being two years old already, I was struck of the relevance of the topic of my paper considering it strongly compares to the prevalence of media and technology in contemporary society and the issues affiliated with it. I hope my paper allowed you to learn something new!

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