Succulents: The Fool Proof Plant

From my own understanding, succulents are undoubtedly on the rise in regards to their popularity amongst people who enjoy owning plants. We have a couple of succulents in my house, and I wanted to provide some insight addressing how to maintain these little gems to demonstrate how they are a great option for persons who fail to possess a green thumb.

Succulents tend to thrive in an outdoor environment, however they can be successfully grown indoors as well. Succulents require approximately six hours of sunlight a day, so be sure to place yours where it has access to sunlight, for example on a window ledge. In regards to water, over watering is the most common way to unintentionally kill a succulent. Water your succulent until the soil around it or in its pit is moist, and do not water it again until the soil has dried up. Be sure to place your succulent in a pot that allows for drainage, otherwise the probability of it drowning will increase. If the soil surrounding a succulent remains consistently damp, it may attract gnats which can be difficult to abolish.

Succulents often do not require any fertilizer and should be brought inside during the winter months if not inside already. If the succulent resides indoors, temperature changes should not present any issues because they likely will not be as drastic as outdoor temperature and seasonal fluctuations.

Succulents comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and offer a green touch to any space. I would suggest purchasing a succulent from any local greenhouse or florist to avoid damaging the plant throughout travel or transportation.

If you’re still not feeling entirely confident with your ability to maintain a healthy succulent, feel free to do some research of your own. They’re great indoors and outdoors, and quite honestly, they’re pretty darn cute.

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