Budget Friendly Shopping

Clothing has unfortunately become a rather expensive cost as of late. Despite clothing being a necessity in everyday life for individuals, it has become increasingly difficult to designate clothing retailers that sell their merchandise for a reasonable price. I thought I would share some of the stores I personally shop at that happen to be budget-friendly in hopes of aiding others who are not in a financial position to spend a fortune on clothing.

Ardenes: Ardenes is arguably the budget-friendly clothing and accessory store I shop at most frequently, and with good reason. Depending on the location, Ardenes shops offer a multitude of clothing and accessories and likely carry something that appeals to all persons. Their prices are incredibly reasonable, and whether it be dresses, shoes or backpacks, Ardenes carries it all.

Winners: Winners is always a safe bet when it comes to saving money, and the unique aspect of this store is that it carries designer and luxury brands that have been considerably knocked down in price. I always look in the cosmetic aisle in Winners in hopes of stumbling across one of the most costly beauty products I use, and about 60% of the time the item I am looking for is in stock.

Old Navy: You really cannot go wrong when shopping at Old Navy. Similar to Ardenes, Old Navy carries a huge variety or clothing items and accessories and furthermore carries men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion. Their prices are fair and their clothing is high-quality.

Plato’s Closet/Thrift Stores: Some individuals abstain from shopping at second-hand clothing stores however I tend to gravitate towards them. Plato’s Closet is one of my preferred thrift stores and is similar to Winners in the sense they tend to carry a lot of designer brands. I once bought a pair of Guess jeans from Plato’s Closet for a mere twenty dollars and they were in mint condition.

Shopping for clothing does not have to be a costly affair. Look for budget-friendly stores in your area and get shopping!

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