It happens to the best of us. Life gets busy, responsibilities get pushed back and before you know it your organization skills have gone to complete shit and your house is plagued by clutter.

Not to fret! As overwhelming as a simple task of organization may seem once it gets to a certain point, de-cluttering is one of the best ways to achieve relief and peace of mind when it comes to your own possessions. Regardless of the size of the task you are taking on in order to establish organization, de-cluttering is an entirely manageable and time-conscious activity that can be conducted whenever your personal schedule allows for

Unsure of where to begin? Here are some examples of things in my own life that require frequent organization as they tend to build in size quite rapidly:

– Your closet: Often times when I de-clutter my closet I unveil items I haven’t seen nor worn in years. Donate these items to local shelters and charities in order for someone else to make far better use of them than yourself.

– Your shoe collection (no, you do not need fourteen pairs of sandals): Similar to my closet scenario, if I have had a pair of shoes that I haven’t worn in at least one year, it’s time to move on. Shoes, like clothes, can be donated to organizations, but be sure the items you’re donating are in decent shape. If you wouldn’t wear them based on their current condition, toss ’em.

– Your makeup bag: De-cluttering your makeup bag is an excellent means to make more room and prevent your bag from busting at the seams (refrain from purchasing more to fill this void). It also presents the opportunity to go through your makeup and determine if any products have passed their expiration date.

These are just a few examples of things that require occasizonal de-cluttering. Consider going through your book or movie collection, and see how much you can accomplish!

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