The Power of Literature

Perhaps my love for literature is a result of my educational background in English, but regardless, I feel as though literature is a force that can have an absolutely tremendous impact in the life of an individual. Literature is an art that can be pursued by any person, whether such pursuit be professional or recreational, and it is entirely subjective meaning it can be perceived or interpreted alternately depending on the person who experiences it.

My love for literature began when I was in elementary school, approximately the fifth grade. I unveiled a copy of the first Harry Potter text in our house book shelf and began to explore. I was soon infatuated with the wizarding world and within no time I had read my way through all of the books in the series multiple times each. To this day I credit my love for reading and writing to J.K. Rowling, and I think it is incredible that a single person can spark such a fire in another person and encourage them to designate their passion.

Reading is specific magical to me, personally, because it permits an individual to temporarily escape to an alternate world, even universe. You as the reader are entirely in control of how you perceive characters, setting, even dialogue, and I find this control to be so wonderful and exhilarating.

Furthermore, this same control occurs when you engage in literature on your own behalf. When you write your own literature you are able to decide who your characters are, what your story will be and where it will go. I would argue that this empowering control does not exist in any other avenue with the exception of the arts, and for this reason I believe the arts deserve far more recognition than they currently receive.

Literature is wonderful and I encourage you to explore it.

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