Product Review: Tarteist PRO Glow Liquid Highlighter

In terms of cosmetics, I personally am not a huge fan of highlighters. I have oily skin therefore I am able to somewhat achieve a natural highlight effect on my face towards the end of the day, and I find that highlights actually heighten the appearance of oil on my skin.

That’s not to say I will not experiment with a highlighting product here and there. I am envious of persons who are able to achieve a beautiful, natural glow through the use of highlighters, and sometimes this envy gets the best of me and I find myself sampling the product here and there.

I ordered the Tarteist PRO Glow Liquid Highlighter with my last online Sephora purchase via my Beauty Insider points. I figured that since I typically do not make use of highlighters I may as well get one for free, and to be entirely honest I am pleased I did not purchase this product with my own money. This highlighter is of a liquid consistency therefore it is easy to apply and would be a great option for persons beginning to experiment with highlight.  I simply dab three drops or so on the tops of my cheek bones with my finger tip and dab it into my skin after applying my foundation and prior to applying my powder. However, I find that after applying my powder the sheen of the highlight dramatically diminishes, and when I attempt to apply the product over-top of my powder it disturbs my foundation. I find that it dries somewhat patchy and it is inconsistent in its application, therefore I would not purchase this product in full (I received a sample size). The highlight costs $40.00 in its full size and I simply feel as though it retails far too high considering its disappointing performance.

From my understanding, powder highlights are the best in terms of application, performance and visibility. I think my next experiment with this type of product will include a powder formula.

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