Canva: A Tremendous Resource

For one of my public Relations courses, my class and I are expected to construct a professional and furthermore effective resume and cover letter, an assignment I made note of in a previous post addressing the importance of a proper resume.

One of my classmates recommended Canva to me in order to create a unique resume, therefore I decided to check it out. She explained to me that she had made use of Canva on more than one occasion for different purposes, and I am incredibly grateful she introduced me to this powerhouse website.

Canva is essentially a free (yes, I said free) website that offers thousands of different layouts and templates for various purposes, some examples being business cards, resumes, PowerPoint presentations and even Instagram posts. By simply creating a Canva account, users have access to all templates provided by the website without any restrictions or limitations. Once you have created some sort of document you are able to save it to your Canva account to return to and edit as desired and you can furthermore download a PDF version of whatever you created directly to your computer.

I was absolutely blown away by the amount of selection Canva provides in terms of its layouts, and I essentially only reviewed the resume section. They quite literally offer a design for almost every document format, and within each category, you have the option to select professional themes, creative themes, modern themes, etc. You are able to edit each template as desired as well, for example altering fonts, colours and inserting images, and I cannot fathom an individual who would be unable to make use of this fantastic website to some extent.

If you have not yet heard of or encountered Canva, I urge you to check it out. It is a great resource to be familiar with and I imagine you will be able to make use of it.

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